News from the Western Division

Western Division is pleased to announce the 2017 Mini Conference in Salt Lake City on November 3rd and 4th! Please see our “conference” page for details and think about presenting. There are so many talented teachers in our division and we could all learn from your expertise! If this is your first time presenting and you would like mentor, let me know and I’d be more than happy to connect you with one.

Western Division Meeting at the 2017 National Conference in Philadelphia


LIKE us on FACEBOOK! A big thank you to Emma Joleen for maintaining a page for our division. You can find us at: OAKE Western Division.

Grant News: Congratulations to AKTS and KASC for their successful submissions.

I look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City!

  – Lucinda Dalrymple, Western Division President


Welcome message from Ginger Littleton

Welcome to the Western division of OAKE!

Ginger Littleton, OAKE Western Division President

he chapters in our division represent members from the Rocky Mountains west to the Pacific, from Canada south to Mexico. We are all ages and all backgrounds, but we all have been drawn to the Kodaly philosophy of teaching. We probably have the greatest number of square miles in our division and so communication in cyber-space is a tremendous tool for us.

I hope that we will grow to use this website to advertise workshops, conferences, teaching jobs, cool ideas for teaching “re”, difficulties that we encounter with our curriculum as well as celebrations of wonderful ideas in our classroom.

Our inland states provide the source for many mighty rivers in the United States.. Some areas nourish the creeks and some see the final mighty river. Let us all nourish the musical souls in our lives and create a mighty flow of joyful music!

Ginger Littleton
Western Division President